Christopher Ategeka

Chris is an Engineer and an award-winning repeat-entrepreneur. He is the Founder/ CEO of UCOT a pioneer movement solving the intended & unintended negative consequences of AI and other technologies. The company also created a unique model to support and fund early-stage startups creating solutions to unintended consequences of technologies. Before that, he founded Hourglass ventures a fund that supports visionary entrepreneurs from the African continent who come from the underprivileged background- and need a Friends and Family round of financing to get their ideas off the ground.

Professionally, Chris is certainly a proven entrepreneur. Impressed with his work, in 2015 President Obama invited him to the White House. In 2011, The Great Muhammadi Ali awarded Chris with a Humanitarian award and invited him to his hometown in Louisville KY.  He has been invited to speak at prestigious platforms such as  TED, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations. Chris has won many international awards for his work; most recently he was named TED Fellow & World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  His work has been featured in many major media publications both locally and internationally such as BBC, Forbes, and NPR. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science, and Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.