Barry Thompson


Barry Thompson has spent the last two and a half decades redefining what is possible in the leading edge of innovation; with experience ranging from Wall Street to the US Military, and Information Technology to Energy and Material Sciences. Currently Mr Thompson is active as FTL Holding’s Managing Director. FTL Holding is a management company and investment fund specializing in merging new business strategy with technical innovation, and corporate activism. FTL Holding’s current portfolio includes companies in the Green Tech, Medical Solutions, High Tech, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Advanced Materials markets. Some of Mr. Thompson’s publicly disclosed FTL activities include Prodea Systems, The Fresnel Companies, and HeroX.

Although Mr. Thompson has spent the last 20 years of his 27-year career predominantly working with financial services companies ranging from micro-transactions, Commercial and Retail Banking, and Capital Markets; he began his career as a consultant, designing Information Technology solutions from embedded robotics and imaging to intelligence and traditional enterprise systems. Some of his clients included MCI, American Mobile Satellite, The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other military, government and private organizations. In 1995, he moved to Wall Street, leading the adoption of new transformative technologies in the financial services industry while working for firms such as AIG, NatWest, Lehman, and UBS, where he was Head of North American Architecture and Head of Diligence Services.

Mr. Thompson left traditional Wall Street in 2003 and began incubating emergent technology companies, including co-founding Tervela in 2004, a high performance data and transactions infrastructure company, where he twice served as CEO and is currently a board member.

Mr. Thompson also serves as the Board of Directors Treasurer for the XPRIZE Foundation.