Why We’re All Talking About ‘AI For Good’

Mar 26 2019

Devin Krotman

The dialogue around AI for Good has quickly moved to the forefront conversation in AI-related industries in the last couple years. Every AI-related summit - whether its focused on enterprise or technical advancements highlight the AI for Good movement and focus on the social benefits of technology. Simply set up a news alert for “AI for Good” or “AI for Social Good” and you will immediately see the prevalence of this platform.

Ahead of ITU’s AI for Good Global Summit, of which XPRIZE is a founding partner, our friends at RE-WORK published a white paper conducting a landscape analysis of the AI for Good movement. The paper helps to illustrate global initiatives and best practices, while also exploring what the future looks like for AI for Good.

Download RE-Work ‘AI for Good’ White Paper Here:


XPRIZE helped to start AI for Good when we launched the $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE three years ago, and the platform is a core tenant to the mission of XPRIZE. We encourage you to read and share the paper as this is a movement that will continue to gain momentum both in the AI industry and in modern culture.

Devin Krotman