History | Cancer XPRIZE

In support of the National Cancer Moonshot initiative, momentum continues to be driven by Deloitte, who initially provided seed funding as well as a technical team to incentivize a market to develop early cancer detection solutions. The five-month process included hundreds of interviews across the cancer ecosystem with science and technology, medical, healthcare, regulatory, and investment stakeholders.

Deloitte’s Cancer XPRIZE design concept, deemed “ready for launch” by the XPRIZE team, hopes to activate the entire global cancer ecosystem to develop rapid, accurate, and affordable solutions to detect cancers early, everywhere. The prize concept includes the development and launch of a platform that will amplify team collaboration and create partnerships between groups who would not otherwise find one another. It’s about bringing together designers, researchers, garage scientists, developers, industry leaders, social activists, and others to work in ways we could not imagine.

The passionate Cancer XPRIZE team, which includes Deloitte and Dr. Daniel Kraft, continues to work with the XPRIZE Foundation, serving as a connector and liaison in activating the cancer ecosystem to recruit and secure prize funding through sponsorship and donor management. The team also works to refine the Cancer XPRIZE prize design, develop collateral for communicating the value of the Cancer XPRIZE, and engage the cancer ecosystem players interested in participating in the competition and/or providing data and testing sites.

Our goal is for teams to begin competing in the Cancer XPRIZE competition in 2018, and continue over the next four years. There will be a significant grand prize purse for the ultimate competition winner. The Cancer XPRIZE will disrupt the market and make early cancer detection available to everyone so that a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence—rather, the technology will allow cancer patients to seek early treatment options so they can go on to live happy, productive, and healthy lives.