Empowering children to take control of their own learning


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Empowering children to take control of their own learning

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The $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE challenges teams from around the world to develop open-source, scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months.

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The Global Learning XPRIZE seeks to enable children to learn basic skills autonomously that have the potential to lift them out of poverty, giving them the opportunity to live healthy, productive lives and provide for their families and their communities.

I believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that every single child on the planet has the same intrinsic capability to fulfill his or her own God-given potential. What they lack is opportunity. The Global Learning XPRIZE is about creating opportunity for every single child to access world-class learning, regardless of their economic or geographic station in life.

Matt Keller

Prize Lead

The Grand Challenge

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills.

Many of these children are in developing countries without regular access to quality schools or teachers.

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The winning team’s software will be:

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